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Experience great freedom and convenience with Contact Lenses.

Experience great freedom and convenience with Contact Lenses.


As we are an Independent Practice we have a fantastic variety of types and brands of contact lenses. Geoff’s expertise will ensure you find the right type of contact lens to suit you and your lifestyle. Sienna Miller, Charlie Hunnam and the Game of Thrones crew (especially the White Walkers) were very pleased with the service 😉

Soft contact lenses and Dailies

These have the advantage of being easy to wear, providing good comfort without a long period of adaptation. Older hydrogel materials (a mixture of water and plastic polymers) are now being superseded by silicone hydrogel materials, a development introducing silicone into the plastic matrix. These provide up to five times the oxygen permeability of the older lens materials allowing the eye to breathe more easily and promote better eye health while wearing lenses.

Toric soft lenses can correct astigmatism and multifocal lenses may help those over 40’s who experience reading difficulty.

Daily disposables are contact lenses that are worn for a day and then simply disposed of. They are very comfortable and are a simple and convenient way of correcting your vision.

Here’s why you might like them:

  • You never have to clean them with solutions of any kind.
  • At the end of the day, you just take them out and throw them away.
  • Extra space in your suitcase when you go on holidays as no need to pack cleaning solutions.
  • Every day, just wear a new pair. No need to worry about how long you’ve worn them and if a new pair are due.
  • No blind spots as with glasses frames – all round clearer view
  • If you suffer from allergies or hayfever you are more likely to be successful with this type of lens than a monthly disposable.
  • Twice monthly disposable contact lenses that can be worn daily for up to two weeks at a time. They must be removed at night and cleaned and stored with the solutions recommended to you by your optician.
  • Twice monthly lenses in some cases may offer better value since you purchase fewer lenses.
  • They are typically made from a material called silicone hydrogel which allows much more oxygen through the lens compared to standard contact lenses. This is good for your eye health and aids comfort.

Among the many advantages of wearing monthly disposable lenses:

  • You only need 12 pairs of contact lenses for the whole year.
  • Option of silicone hydrogel material which allows much more oxygen through the lens compared to standard contact lenses. This is good for your eye health and aids comfort.
  • Monthly disposable contact lenses can be worn daily for up to a month. They must be removed before going to bed each night, then cleaned and stored with the solutions recommended to you by your optician.
  • They come in different types including monthly toric (corrects astigmatism), monthly multifocal (allows you to see distance and near), and monthly coloured (enhance or change the colour of your eyes).

Contact lenses can be used for cosmetic purposes as well as for correcting eyesight. Those who have a desire to change the colour or appearance of their eyes can benefit from coloured lenses. Ask our Optometrist about our range of coloured contact lenses that can enhance or even change the colour of your eyes.

Contact Lens Trial

If you don’t want to always wear glasses but need vision correction, contact lenses offer an easy alternative. A contact lens assessment with Geoff will give you the opportunity to try contact lenses both in the consulting room and in your own environment. This extended trial period will allow you to fully experience the benefits of contact lenses and see how they can enhance your life.

Your contact lens trial will consist of the following:

  • We’ll discuss your lifestyle and help to choose the contact lenses that are right for you.
  • Examination of the ocular surface and lids
  • Assessment of the tear film
  • Discussion of appropriate lens types according to results of above
  • Application of trial lenses to assess immediate tolerance (occasionally this may need to be booked as a separate appointment if trial lenses need to be specially ordered)
  • Vision assessment with lenses
  • Fit assessment
  • Teaching session with qualified member of staff lasting approx 20-40 minutes
  • Lens insertion and removal technique
  • Wearing instructions / lens care / cleaning where necessary
  • Solutions and hygiene advice
  • Contact lens ‘do’s and don’ts
  • Trial pack of lenses to take away to be worn in your own environment and trial pack of solutions where necessary
  • Lenses need to be worn to this appointment (please wear at least 2 hours before attending)
  • Review of fit and vision, refinement where necessary
  • If any changes are made a further appointment may be necessary, which will be covered by the fee paid at the first appointment

Fantastic service from start to finish! Beautiful surroundings made shopping for glasses a pleasure. Staff are extremely friendly yet professional and Geoff… well he is not to be missed!


Geoff has been an amazing support to our daughter. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his fantastic team.


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