Dry Eye Clinic in Belfast

Remember that powerful quote from “The King’s Speech,” where it’s all about finding your voice? Well, that sentiment echoes deeply here at Geoff McConville Opticians & Hearing Care: “You Have a Voice!” When you step through our doors, your voice matters, and we’re all ears. Your concerns won’t be ignored or brushed aside – they’ll be heard loud and clear.

Dealing with dry eyes can feel like speaking a foreign language, but fear not, because we’re fluent in understanding your needs. We’re not just any eye clinic; we’re your partners in eye health, dedicated to listening to your experiences and tailoring solutions that address your unique concerns.

Let’s talk stats – the average dry eye patient has been to 3.2 different establishments in their quest for relief, only to be left wanting. But hold tight, we’re not playing games here. We’re serious about your comfort, and we’re armed with the tools, dedication, and clinical prowess to prove it. We’ve put our money where our mouth is, investing a solid £112,000 in the best possible dry eye diagnostics. Why, you ask? Because we’re not just your typical optometrists – we’re the knights in shining armour for dry eye sufferers!

The Struggle is Real!

Here’s the deal: the optometry and medical world have let dry eye patients down more times than we can count. We get it, the struggle is real! The irritating, itching, and downright annoying effects of dry eye can turn life into a living nightmare. That’s where we step in. We’re not just another eye clinic; we’re the ultimate destination for diagnosing and treating dry eyes in Ireland.


But here’s the real magic – during your first chat with us, we’re pulling out all the stops. Ever heard of Meibography? It’s like the golden ticket to understanding your eye health. While others might skim the surface, we dive deep with this clinical technique, giving you the lowdown on your meibomian glands like nobody else can.

Treatment for Dry Eye

And let’s not overlook the incredible array of treatments we have to offer. Allow us to introduce you to a trio of wonders: the revolutionary Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, the rejuvenating LipiFlow procedure, and our comforting Blephasteam Eye Spa treatment. These are not just remedies; they’re our carefully curated solutions to bid discomfort a gracious farewell.

We’re talking treatments that’ll make your eyes feel like they’re on a soothing Spa holiday, and consultations that’ll give you the lowdown on your eye health. Because let’s face it, you’re not just another number to us. You’re unique, and your care should reflect that.

So, prepare to bid farewell to those troublesome dry eye concerns. Step into a realm where comfort takes the throne, where your eyes are treated with the dignity they deserve. At Geoff McConville Opticians & Hearing Care, we’re your only destination for relieving dry eye discomfort – as invigorating as a gentle breeze on a warm day. Say farewell to discomfort and embrace a life filled with eye happiness. Your eyes will express their gratitude – that’s our pledge!




LipiFlow (1 treatment) £950

Blephasteam £100

IPL OPTILIGHT – NEW Light Treatment

Optilight is a new Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology for managing Dry Eye disease. It is incredibly quick, gentle & effective and we are the only clinic in N.Ireland offering this incredible treatment.

LipiFlow Treatment

The LipiFlow device employs sterile activators placed on and under your closed eyelids. These activators deliver low pulsating pressure and heat to the eyelid glands. The heat gently softens and melts the obstructing wax, allowing the melted wax to be moved out of the glands with gentle pressure. This process creates clear pathways for oil to flow into your tears, alleviating the root cause of dry eyes.

Elegant Georgian Building

Most eye tests happen in small dark rooms. But not here. We’re lucky enough to be in a nice elegant Georgian building with the luxury of space and natural light. That means we can make your experience a more enjoyable one. We’re even known for our coffees. It feels more like a boutique here. It’s not rushed. We’ll take time to answer all your questions. We are all about the ‘experience’ here at Geoff McConville Opticians.

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