Introducing LipiFlow – A Solution for MGD

When Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) leads to clogged oil glands, finding an effective solution becomes vital. LipiFlow dry eye treatment specifically targets obstructive MGD. This non-surgical, in-office procedure uses a gentle and painless device to clear meibomian gland blockages.

How LipiFlow Works

The LipiFlow device employs sterile activators placed on and under your closed eyelids. These activators deliver low pulsating pressure and heat to the eyelid glands. The heat gently softens and melts the obstructing wax, allowing the melted wax to be moved out of the glands with gentle pressure. This process creates clear pathways for oil to flow into your tears, alleviating the root cause of dry eyes.

Patience and Results

While LipiFlow is an effective treatment, immediate relief is not typically experienced. It may take six to eight weeks to fully appreciate the benefits of the procedure. Before undergoing LipiFlow, a comprehensive examination is essential to determine if MGD or meibomian gland blockages are causing your chronic dry eyes. Once the cause is confirmed, LipiFlow can provide much-needed relief.

Seeking Relief with LipiFlow

If you suffer from chronic dry eyes and suspect MGD as the cause, seek professional evaluation at Geoff McConville Opticians. Our expert team will conduct comprehensive diagnostic tests to identify the underlying issue and determine if LipiFlow treatment is the right solution for you. Say goodbye to dry eyes and hello to improved eye comfort with LipiFlow!

How long do the Results last?

The advantages of LipiFlow treatment typically extend for around 12 months, contingent on the patient’s commitment to maintaining regular heat mask compresses.


Initial Consultation £175


LipiFlow (1 treatment) £950*

*reduced to £750 if treatment administered in conjunction with IPL (best outcome)

OPTILIGHT – NEW Light Treatment

Optilight is a new Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology for managing Dry Eye disease. It is incredibly quick, gentle & effective and we are the only clinic in N.Ireland offering this incredible treatment.

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